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Lamb Araka…$26.95

Tender pieces of lamb in a light red sauce, served with peas, carrots and pearl onions.   

Lamb Frikase…..$26.95

Tender baby lamb chops in an egg lemon dill sauce with escarole. 

Rib Eye Steak…..$32.95

Served with choice of side. 

Angus Skirt Steak…..$32.95

Served over a bed of sautéed onions and mushrooms. served with choice of side.   

Metaxa Filet Mignon…..$32.95

Cooked to your specification, with a metaxa greek brandy cream sauce. 


Seasoned chopped steak, char-grilled to perfection. served with choice of side.   

New Zealand Baby Lamb Chops…..$30.95

Baby lamb chops (6pcs) char grilled and served with choice of side. 

Kota Sta Karvouna…..$20.95

Half "bell and evans" chicken with white wine, olive oil and grecian herbs. 

Veal Yiouvetsi…..$26.95 

Braised veal in a light red sauce over orzo.